15 Unobvious Ways to Lose Weight

Simple and non-standard tricks for every day that will help you get rid of undesirable kilograms

1. Sweeten your morning

In 2012, researchers at the Medical Center in Tel Aviv found that people, who added something sweet to their breakfasts, managed to lose in eight months by 17 kilograms more, than those who adhered to an exceptionally low-carb morning menu.

2. Set a specific goal

Buy a beautiful dress one (or two?) size smaller than your current size and hang it in a prominent place in your house. Let it become a daily reminder of what result you want to get.

3. Do not watch commercials on TV

Scientists at the University of California have found that an attractive image of foods stimulates your brain in the areas that control appetite and cause spontaneous hunger.

4. Get a grip of yourself

In the literal sense of the word! People are much better at controlling their impulses (including hunger, and cravings for harmful products), when they tighten their muscles for at least 30 seconds. The easiest way is to tightly squeeze your hand into a fist, when gastronomic weakness hits you.

Get a grip of yourself

5. Revise your diet for vegetables, and not meat

One of the dietary theories says: eat 80% of foods that “grow”, and not more than 20% of those that “go”.

80% of foods that "grow"
20% of those that "go"

6. Sail in the same boat with everybody

Eat all the same as the rest of your family. With one caveat – reduce the size of your portion to the kids portion size.

7. Eat more soup!

You will consume 20% less calories per day, if you eat a plate of hot vegetable soup at lunch.


8. Visualize your new body

Every time you eat a healthy and balanced dish, imagine the “dream body” that you would like to have. Repeat this exercise again and again. In the end, there will be a strong connection in your brain between the image and proper eating – it will make dieting a lot easier.

9. Exercise in the morning

In 2012, researchers at Brigham Young University found that 45 minutes of moderate exercise in the morning reduced hunger.

10. Bread with butter - why not?

You can not abandon the fragrant fresh bread in your diet – simply sprinkle it with olive oil. Result: 16% fewer calories daily.

11. Do not peel apples

When you eat apples or use them for cooking – do not peel them off. It’s all about the special substance that is found in the peel. It promotes a fast growth of muscle mass and fat burning.

12. Hide the chocolates

If you have chocolates or something sweet at home, you better hide it away, and not leave it in sight – you’ll eat less by 60%.

13. Get distracted

Hide the chocolates

Sharp food cravings usually pass in 10 minutes. Try to distract yourself with something for this time, like calling a friend, taking a walk, meditating, browsing through Facebook, making a manicure or having sex.

14. Do not rush

Eat slowly. Full stop. You can use Japanese chopsticks or shift the fork into your non-dominant hand.

15. Breathe deeply

Every time you decide to “party” with foods that are forbidden for your diet, turn on the breath counter. Breathe in for four seconds through your nose, hold your breath for seven seconds, and then exhale for eight seconds. Repeat 4 times.