Does Adipex Have An Effect During Sex?

adipex-without-rxSome patients, taking Adipex, stated that their sexual desire has increased. There is no clinical data that Adipex increases libido. Increased sexual activity has likely a psychological and not a biological basis. People, losing weight, can feel more sexually attractive.

It is known, that Adipex slimming tablets may cause some sexual problems in obese patients. Adipex can cause erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation in men. Women can have a decrease in sexual activity.

Adipex usually does not cause sexual dysfunction in healthy people. Most often, a decrease in libido can occur in people, who already have sexual dysfunction, thus Adipex drug can only strengthen it.

Obesity is a typical factor for sexual disorders. The risk of impotence during Adipex therapy is higher, if a person smokes, uses a lot of alcohol, does not lead an active lifestyle and has a metabolic disorder.

A special group included patients older than 40 years. Usually, obese people over 40 – 50 years had lack of sex hormones and reduced sexual activity. For example, using Adipex in low testosterone levels may exacerbate erectile dysfunction side effect.

If Adipex slimming tablets resulted in side effects, such as sexual activity dysfunctions, the following can be recommended:

  • To reduce Adipex drug dosage to 18.75 mg. Usually, decreasing a daily Adipex dosage causes fewer side effects. It is not necessary to reduce Adipex dosage on your own. Before using Adipex 18.75mg, an obese patient should consult a doctor.
  • Stop using Adipex. It is not the best way to restore potency. Losing weight can positively affect the potency, especially in the long-term perspective. If Adipex use provokes serious sexual side effects, one may be recommended to use other drugs for obesity treatment.
  • Treating sexual dysfunctions. Methods for sexual dysfunction treatment may include: psychotherapy, surgery and pharmacological treatment.

For the erectile dysfunction treatment in men, Viagra drug is most commonly used. Besides, it happens that patients, who are going to take Adipex, have already been using Viagra for a long time.

Viagra is a drug for increasing potency, which has no known drug interactions with Adipex. Viagra causes an increase in blood flow only in certain parts of the body (penis), and no adverse effects on the cardiovascular system.

Adipex and Viagra have some common side effects, such as dizziness, headache and indigestion. Therefore, the combined use of these drugs can enhance the side effects.

Before to buy Adipex tablets or capsules in the UK, please familiarize yourself with the delivery terms. Buying Adipex online, you are free to choose the payment of your order.