adipex-dietAdipex side effects are any undesirable reactions to this drug. Side effects may arise, even if the patient complies with all recommendations and uses the lowest Adipex 18.75 mg dose.

Adipex has many side effects, but that does not mean that they will manifest in each patient, who takes these diet tablets. Most Adipex side effects are not heavy and, if necessary, can be treated easily. State regulatory authorities (e.g., FDA, TGA or EMA) disapprove drugs, the adverse effects of which outweigh their benefits.

In case of mild Adipex side effects, such as minor difficulty sleeping, dry mouth, nausea and fatigue, no special treatment is needed. Typically, lighter side effects disappear with no special treatment after a certain period of time.

Adipex diet tablets contain Phentermine active ingredient, which has been used for obesity treatment and weight loss for over 50 years. Therefore, most Adipex side effects are predictable and well researched.

In individual patient’s sensitivity to the drug, the following rare Adipex side effects may appear:

  • excessive sweating;
  • problems with vision or hearing;
  • numbness or tremors;
  • rash, hives, redness of face and neck;
  • weak erection and decreased sexual desire.

Adipex (Phentermine) acts directly in the brain, reduces appetite, helps speeding up metabolism and increases blood pressure. Therefore, the most frequent and severe Adipex side effects emerge from the CNS and cardiovascular system.

Adipex CNS side effects may include: sleep disturbance, excessive sense of well being and elation, pain in the neck and head, impaired balance and dizziness, fatigue and mental disorders.

Severe Adipex cardiovascular side effects pose a real threat for patient’s health and can result in hospitalization. Obese people should be informed, that Adipex diet tablets can cause heart attack or stroke in rare cases. When having any side effects, you should consult a doctor.

Another side effect is manifested as hypersensitivity to Phentermine. Clinical studies have shown that this side effect is very rare. Allergic reaction to Phentermine can be severe and usually leads to Adipex discontinuation.

The side effects severity often depends on Phentermine blood plasma concentration. Patients, who take the maximum Adipex daily dose of 37.5mg, are more prone to side effects. Typically, adverse reactions do not depend on the drug dosage, but they can be reduced by changing Adipex dose.

Adipex is recommended to be used for no more than 12 weeks. Therefore, long-term Adipex (Phentermine) treatment does not result in side effects. It is possible to reduce the risk of possible side effects. For this, you should take Adipex every day at the same time and follow your doctor’s recommendations.

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