adipex-green-teaGreen tea has become very popular among obese people lately. By means of green tea, overweight people try to become slimmer. There are some special weight loss tablets with green tea on the market. But green tea is not for everyone, despite its ability to regulate excess weight.

Green tea helps to correct the body weight, but in severe obesity, people are often prescribed Adipex slimming pills. Anorexigenic drug Adipex suppresses appetite, increases metabolism and energy, thereby providing weight loss. Adipex is prescribed as a short-term therapy along with hypocaloric diet and physical exertion.

Green tea removes excessive liquid and toxins from the body, normalizing the metabolism and improving digestion. Scientists have proven that 2 cups of green tea taken after lunch improve metabolism by 10-15% and help to burn some calories. Besides this, green tea increases the effectiveness of physical loads, physical endurance and total working capacity.

However, green tea contains stimulating substances (theophylline, theobromine and caffeine). Therefore, when you abuse green tea, some side effects may arise – sleep disorder, sensibility, nervousness and weakness. The risk of these side effects increases if person drinks green tea right before sleep.

Adipex suppresses the appetite by acting on hypothalamus in the brain. It stimulates adrenal glands to produce noradrenaline neurotransmitter. Adipex affects the central nervous system (CNS) and can violate sleep, increasing the heart rate and breathing rate and causing irritability.

Adipex weight loss drug must not be used with drugs that stimulate the CNS. Because green tea contains stimulating substances, the use of green tea and Adipex may cause sharp agitation of the CNS. A strong stimulation of the brain cortex and spinal cord violates functions of kidneys and myocardium, which can cause myocardial infarction and acute renal insufficiency.

Thus, diet pills, containing green coffee are contraindicated for patients, who use Adipex anti-obesity drug. Moreover, during anti-obesity therapy by means of Adipex tablets, patient should reduce the consumption of green tea down to 2-3 cups a day, and better to quit drinking it completely.

Using Adipex weight loss tablets, it is recommended to drink lots of water. It is believed that water helps to deliver Phentermine (Adipex) into all the body cells, which increases therapeutic effect of Adipex slimming pills significantly. In addition, sufficient consumption of water eliminates such side effects as dry mouth.

Green tea normalizes the blood pressure, removing toxins and heavy metal salts from the body. Apart from that, green tea is a perfect diuretic means. Because green tea removes excessive water out of the body, it is not recommended for use with Adipex (which requires loads of water).

Herewith green tea can be used after the termination of Adipex tablets. Drinking green tea combined with a low-calorie diet and physical exercises, after Adipex withdrawal, keeps the achieved weight in place, strengthening the blood vessel walls and restoring vascular conductivity and elasticity.

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