Adipex Weight Loss Diary

adipexp-onlineLow-calorie diet is one of compulsory conditions of anti-obesity therapy with Adipex. Thus, a diary may help to stick to a diet during anti-obesity therapy. Weight loss diary helps to count how much calories person gets from food and how much he loses throughout a day, as well as to make a scale of his weight changes.

It is recommended to write down into this diary everything a person feels while using Adipex diet pills. These records will help to monitor the connection between the diet regime and events that took place during anti-obesity therapy. In addition, keeping a weight loss diary helps to control the number of consumed calories. Nutritionists suggest to consume maximum 1500 kcal per day when taking Adipex weight loss drug.

While taking Adipex tablets, person who keeps a weight loss diary, can plan his menu for several days beforehand. Making up a week menu during anti-obesity therapy, doctors recommend to use a special calorie calculator. It helps to count the calorie value, proteins, carbs and fats of any product from daily menu.

During anti-obesity therapy with Adipex, man should write down into his weight loss diary everything he eats, including sauces, spices and other supplements that improve the taste of food. Because in most cases, these things provoke the accumulation of fat deposits. In case food served with sauce or spices increases the appetite, man should refuse it.

When dieting with Adipex, a person experiences some changes, which he records into the weight loss diary (weight, body measurements and caloric intake). These changes can be recorded into the diary in form of tables and diagrams. Keeping a weight loss diary during the use of Adipex pills is an easy and handy method to monitor the body weight, accessible from any place.

In American Journal of Preventive Medicine, one may find the research results, showing that people, who took Adipex tablets and who kept the weight loss diary, lost twice more weight than those who didn’t have the diary. Records, made by obese people in the weight loss diary with Adipex, help to:

  • Limit the caloric value
  • Reduce food portions
  • Plan the menu
  • Divide food into 5-6 portions

Health eating along with Adipex pills contributes to weight loss, as well as improves the sensitivity of cells to insulin. Increased sensitivity to insulin is one of the main goals to treat obesity, complicated by diabetes or metabolic syndrome.

According to World Health Organization (WHO), optimal diet plan for the weight loss with Adipex tablets must contain fat, carbs and proteins. Herewith, one should consume about 15-30% of fats per day (10% of which must be unsaturated).

Carbohydrates form the bulk of the diet (55-75%) while on Adipex pills. Such high amount of carbs is consumed with complex carbohydrates mostly. These are found in fruit, vegetables and wholegrain foods. At the same time, person should reduce the consumption of simple carbs (sugar, candies, cakes, etc.) down to 10% of total diet.

During anti-obesity therapy with Adipex, about 10-15% of daily menu should contain low-cholesterol proteins (no more than 300mg of cholesterol per day). Diabetic patients should better eat food rich in fiber (over 25 g per day). Fiber helps to fight obesity and reduces insulin levels in the body.

Clinical studies show that 14 g of fiber reduces the total caloric value of food by 10% and the body mass by 1.9 kg for 4 months. Thus, Adipex pills, used together with high-carbohydrate diet, rich with fiber and low in animal fat increases the cells sensitivity to insulin best of all.

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