adipex-alcoholAdipex (Phentermine) is recommended for short-term use, no longer than 12 weeks. During this time, you can get rid of overweight or obesity, if you follow a few simple rules. Diet and exercise are strongly recommended during Adipex treatment.

When using Adipex weight loss tablets, you should not use alcohol. Ethyl alcohol reacts with almost all drugs and harms your body greatly.

Alcohol can change Adipex pharmacological action and cause side effects in the central nervous system (CNS). The following states are possible: impaired motor coordination, dizziness, abnormal drowsiness and concentration difficulty.

Mixing alcohol and Adipex weight loss tablets increases the risk of cardiovascular side effects. Most frequent are increase of blood pressure, heart rate and chest pain.

The worst consequences of using Adipex weight loss tablets with alcohol include sudden loss of consciousness, inappropriate behavior, irreversible myocardial necrosis and cerebral circulation disorder.

Part of Phentermine active substance is metabolized in the liver. Liver is very sensitive to any alcoholic beverage. Alcohol use during Adipex therapy increases the risk of liver disease.

Excessive ethyl alcohol consumption can cause such serious liver diseases, as:

  • acute alcoholic hepatitis;
  • hepatic steatosis;
  • chronic liver damage (cirrhosis).

The following symptoms of liver disease require medical advice: jaundice, fever, physical and mental exhaustion, uncontrollable vomiting and defecation.

Alcohol can block Adipex anorexigenic effect. Alcoholic drinks have a relaxing effect and contribute to increased appetite. Besides, alcohol contains a lot of calories and no beneficial nutrients and micro elements, necessary for normal metabolism.

Ethyl alcohol can negate all the efforts of the patient, taking Adipex. It is best not to drink alcohol at all, when you use Adipex. This will allow you to get rid of excess weight and obesity in a short time.

Alcoholic drinks are not the only liquid that is not recommended in Adipex use. Long ago, the nutritionists have established a connection between obesity and consumption of large amounts of carbonated beverages.

Some carbonated drinks contain many fast carbohydrates (e.g., sucrose, glucose and fructose). Fast carbohydrates can affect metabolism, stomach microflora and promote fat accumulation.
Carbonated beverages have no drug interactions with Adipex weight loss tablets. However, it is recommended to significantly reduce consumption of carbonated drinks or even abandon them in Adipex therapy.

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