Best Diet While On Adipex

online-adipexThere is no best diet for all people taking Adipex, although the general principles are the same for most patients. Obesity is a chronic disease that requires long-term therapy. This treatment often requires individual dietary plans.

Diet plan must take into account obesity degree, comorbidities, age, level of physical activity and patient’s food preferences (if possible).

Any diet in Adipex therapy should help reduce the amount of fat, but not the muscle tissue. In fighting obesity, it is recommended consuming enough protein (50-100g) to maintain patient’s muscle growth.

A decrease in protein intake to 20 grams per day can be recommended in renal impairment, associated with reduced excretion of nitrogenous wastes. The following foods are rich in protein: eggs, vegetable butter and dairy products.

The main goal of a healthy diet in Adipex therapy is to reduce fat intake. Only the lack of fat and calories in the diet can make a body use its natural reserves, i.e. fat tissue.

During Adipex therapy, the body itself burns fat. Adipex weight loss pills only help in this process. Adipex is an anorexigenic drug that can effectively reduce appetite and increase metabolic rate within 12 weeks of drug use.

Diet therapy supposes that patient eats more fruits and vegetables in any form (dried, canned, fresh and frozen). Fruits and vegetables contain large amounts of nutrients (e.g., vitamins and fiber) and no fat.

Usually, fat is located under the skin evenly all over the body. Fat burning leads to a proportional decrease in body size. In women and men, Adipex reduces circumference of thighs, abdomen, neck and chest.

Weight loss by 1 kg in some women reduces breast weight by 20g. A 7-10 kg weight loss can result in breast size decrease by one size.

Large breasts are a source of pride for many women, so reducing breast size during Adipex therapy does not make them very happy. Such women should be aware that obesity and overweight are major factors of breast cancer.

In addition, obesity in women can lead to premature birth, reduced sexual activity, lower self-esteem and chronic diseases (e.g., hypertension, diabetes and hormonal disorders).

If you are going to use Adipex but you don’t know how to make a balanced diet plan, you can get this information on email. Buying slimming medicine in the UK, you also get the nutritionist’s advice free of charge.