Color and shape of Adipex pills

Adipex is one of the most powerful and popular drugs for body mass reduction and obesity treatment. Adipex pills have been produced by a pharmacological company Teva (USA) since October 22, 1980.

Adipex appetite suppressant comes in pills for oral intake. Each Adipex pill contains 37.5mg of active substance Phentermine Hydrochloride (equivalent to 30mg of base Phentermine).

For consumers’ ease, Teva produces Adipex in form of:

  • Tablets of 37.5mg each
  • Capsules of 37.5mg each

White Adipex tablets are of oval shape with blue specs. There is a marking “ADIPEX-P” and “9” – “9” on each tablet. Adipex tablets have a break line for cutting tablets into two halves to use 18.75mg dose.

Adipex capsules have opaque white body and dark blue cap. Each capsule is marked with two dark stripes and “ADIPEX-P 37.5”. Unlike tablets, Adipex capsules cannot be cut.

Adipex capsules are packed in bottles of 100 pieces each. Adipex tablets are packed in bottles of 30, 100 or 1,000 pieces each. Adipex 1,000 packs are supplied into clinics specializing in obesity treatment.