Diet Drinks For Weight Loss – The Sweet Mystery Of Obesity?

People often try to cheat nature, but every time it turns into a huge disappointment. Scientists have found that sweeteners that were giving the impression of a successful product of the chemical arts, allowing us enjoy the sweet taste of our favorite diet drinks without any consequences for our shape, can cause the effect, totally opposite to the expected one.

High-risk group includes the fans of industrially produced “zero-calorie” drinks for weight loss.

Not a single sweet drink, regardless of what exactly gives it the coveted taste, can be regarded as something that benefits our health. This is a strong belief of Israeli scientists.

Sweeteners are wolves in sheep’s clothing!

The international scientific journal “Nature” published the results of experiments, held by scientists from the Weizmann Institute (Israel) that tried to find the answer to the most important question for people of the XXI century:

  • Can soda with sweeteners, usually sold with a mark “diet”, be considered a drink for weight loss, or the artificial sugar substitutes just pretend to be our friends?

The researchers came to a confident answer:

  • Both mice and people should keep their eyes open, when it comes to saccharin, sucralose and their analogs, if they want to stay slim and healthy.
Diet Soda

“The data of our work suggest the possibility that the sweeteners in diet drinks contribute to the growth of the epidemic (obesity – Ed.), even though they have been invented for dealing with it”, sais the article in “Nature”.

How is this possible? 

Diet drinks are traditionally considered sinless treat for dieters, because excess weight is unspent calories. And if there are zero calories, you have correspondingly zero problems.

Many well-known nutrition experts officially allowed the followers of their weight loss diet plan to consume drinks with sweeteners that may not contribute to weight loss, but, in theory, should not interfere with it.

  • Yet, everything’s not that simple. As found by Israeli scientists, sugar substitutes are insidious.

As complex chemical substances, they transform the intestinal microbiome (bacteria population that inhabit it) and directly affect the process of digestion and metabolism.

This changes the principles of digestion by the body of simple carbohydrates.

Thus, you get a dramatically increased risk of:

Metabolic disorders



It is interesting that different sweeteners (during the experiments, researchers used the most affordable and widespread sweeteners, including saccharin, sucralose, aspartame, etc.) with a huge difference in their chemical formulas showed the same effects.

“We do not believe that data received can give grounds for definitive conclusions about the use and dosage of sweeteners”, said Dr. Eran Segal, one of the authors of the publication in “Nature”. “Yet, it is  clear that artificial sweeteners that are widely used today need a more careful and serious research. I would especially like to emphasize the fact that not a single sweet drink can benefit our health”.

This news can certainly be called alarming for companies that produce sugary sodas, because the sweeteners found the most fertile ground for industrial applications namely in juices-sodas.

Many products on the market are positioned as weight loss drinks.

These are juice-containing drinks or versions of famous citrus, fruit and tonic waters with sugar substitutes. It turns out that

People, who want to lose weight and stay healthy, should at least think twice before quenching their thirst with such liquids.

Weight loss drink: Plain Water

No matter many times we told the world, we still repeat the same thing: simple plain drinking water is the best drink for weight loss!

  • H2O Formula is firmly known even to those, who skipped all the chemistry lessons. And everyone is aware of the fact that without the replenishment of water reserves, people can live a maximum of 14 days.

Normal metabolism is impossible without water. Even more, the processes of recovery and building of new cells, water is no less important than the amino acids. A common mistake of dieters is to confuse feelings of hunger and thirst.

  • often, the unstoppable desire to chew on something is easily “cured” with a glass of water.

This principle is used as the background of such diet, as the famous “Diet for the lazy”.

It involves the compliance with several simple rules:

  • during the day, drink at least 1.5 liters of clean water in small portions (approximately 30 ml),
Weight Loss Drink Wather
  • drink water of room temperature or lukewarm (cold water is evacuated by the body quicker without assimilating),
  • minimize the use of water with carbon dioxide, which annoys the esophagus and the stomach walls, violates the digestion and is often the cause of bloating and flatulence, which are not very useful, and ugly, as well.

Diabetes… with express delivery

The Israeli experiment involved laboratory mice and people volunteers. During the reporting period, the brave volunteers were fed different types of artificial sugar substitutes that are used in popular diet drinks. At the same time, the researchers were taking bacterial samples from all the intestine sections.

There is scientific evidence that the intestinal microflora not only helps to digest and absorb food, but also, as we have already mentioned, may influence:


Food choices

Susceptibility to certain diseases

Predisposition to obesity

It turned out that all sweeteners trigger the growth of Bacteroides bacteria type, while suppressing the reproduction of Clostridiales type bacteria, and it happens quickly.

  • The modern scientific community knows only a small part of the features of the mysterious world of bacteria that live inside us.

Yet, they already are aware of the fact that the ratio of Bacteroides and Clostridiales that the artificial sweeteners provoke, is characteristic of the pre-diabetic state.

It is important that sucrose, simple white refined sugar, with all its dangers, does not affect the condition of the intestine so amazingly quickly.

You have to consume tons of sugar for a very long time and have a genetic predisposition to diabetes to “get” a similar violation of the microflora.

Parallel with the change of intestinal bacterial profile, a considerable growth of blood sugar (glucose) level was observed in all subjects.

  • Accordingly, the higher the sugar, the more the body produces insulin, which utilizes the “extra” glucose and deposits it in the form of fat.

Israeli scientists have referred to the data of earlier studies, which involved more volunteers. At that, some of them did not respond to the use of sweeteners with a sharp increase in blood glucose concentration.

The authors of the experiment linked this to the individual characteristics and the presence of certain genetic models.

These models are similar to those, in which some of us may smoke tobacco for a long time with a minimal health impact, and others – are at risk for cancer and cardiovascular disease almost after the first puff.

Published developments require further research and refinement.

And the experiment authors fully agree with this. However, even those of their colleagues that took the publication in the magazine ”Nature” with criticism, show solidarity with the Israeli:

Water is the world’s only completely neutral drink, the use of which does not bring any adverse consequences for the metabolism, helps to lose weight and control blood sugar level.

When Drinking Becomes Food

Of course, even before the publication of Israeli researchers, many nutritionists talked about the dangers of substituting sugar with chemical substitutes.

This included not only diet drinks, “unobtrusively” offered by manufacturers as an aid to weight loss, but also in other foods, including:

  • baked goods,
  • confectionery ,
  • milk,
  • fermented milk products.
When Drinking Becomes Food

One of the soundest arguments are the psychological effects of the use of sugar substitutes.

  • In their practice, nutritionists often face the fact that dieters consider the use of “zero-calorie” sweeteners a kind of apology for subsequent consume of a cake or chocolate.

However, when it comes to metabolism, simple math of calories plays a tertiary role. The trick to any sweetness lies in the fact that it inevitably leads to the desire of a new sweetness. This is how human insulin-glucose biochemistry works.

Therefore, in particularly serious cases of dependence on the sweets only a complete rejection of the “stimulus” may be the key to slenderness and health.

Some European countries are now seriously discussing the possibility of labelling products that contain sugar or sugar substitutes with warning labels, similar to alcohol or tobacco products – carefully, can cause addiction!

  • Another common hazard associated it with drinks for weight loss, is that we tend to consider them drinking, while soda, smoothies and coffee drinks, and even yogurts and fruit juices are more food, by their composition.

According to some data, those who are inclined to quench their thirst not with water, get up to 40% of unwanted calories from the delicious cups, packs and bottles, and sincerely wonder why they can not lose weight, imperceptibly sipping on such useful and vitamin-rich beverages not instead of meals, and in addition to them.

This subtle question was regarded in a recent study, held in Australia.

It involved 750 people, who constantly use instant drinks for weight loss, the so-called dietary shakes that gained a large popularity recently.

It was found that

  • 21% of the participants not only did not manage to lose weight, but gained extra kilos. In addition, every tenth person found all the signs of dependence on such products and an eating disorder.
  • those 50%, which still marked weight reduction on the background of the use of soluble dietary drinks for weight loss, complained that they gained weight in abundance after expelling them from the menu.

Scientists believe:

  • the fact that these products that promise to help and at the same time have attractive taste and aroma characteristics, paradoxically take the place of goodies in the diet.

This somewhat contradicts the very idea of ​​getting rid of extra pounds. 

Perhaps, if you really want to lose weight, you should be honest with yourself and stop behaving like a child, who knows that he will have nausea, rash, and a scolding from his mother, but still does not stop to eat candies from his Christmas gift?